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Karl Hyde

I Am Dogboy (The Underworld Editions Box + In The Belly of Saint Paul)


Release Date: 03/11/2016

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'I Am Dogboy' by Karl Hyde, a book of diaries, autobiographical narrative, photographs & abstract poetic pieces.

Karl has created a special painting, inspired by “I Am Dogboy”, this one off piece of art will be divided into 100 pieces. Each special edition will include a piece of this unique artwork and will also be personally signed by Karl & includes a exclusive tote bag. This version includes 'In The Belly Of Saint Paul'

In 1999, Karl began writing a public diary. Every day since then, he has documented his thoughts, lyrical works-in-progress, poetry and biographical essays alongside 'found' visuals. For the last sixteen years, these entries have collectively created an on-going, utterly unique monologue on

‘I Am Dogboy’ by Karl Hyde, is beautifully designed by John Warwicker - Hyde's long time collaborator and co-founder of the tomato collective. Karl Hyde and John Warwicker have previously published the typographic books ‘Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You’ and ‘In The Belly of Saint Paul’.

In the Belly of St Paul by Karl Hyde & John Warwicker Printed in 2003, with a special limited edition run of 2000, "In The Berry of St Paul" is a typographic journal through London by night, documenting Hyde's personal experiences, memories and overheard conversations as he trawled backstreets & alleys gathering words to be used by Underworld.

“I am Dogboy” is a hardcover book with 336 pages, and is 17.1 x 2.9 x 24.8 cm
“In the Belly of St Paul is a hardcover book 23 x 15.2 x 3.2 cm