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DRIFT Series 1 "Sampler Edition" HD-Audio Download


Release Date: 01/11/2019 24bit 48k WAVs with PDF booklet.

The new album DRIFT Series 1 marks the conclusion of the hugely ambitious 52-week DRIFT Series. This collection is neither a definitive record nor a curated “best-of” type album. It is a sampler of DRIFT Series 1’s audio releases - and the whole collection is available digitally and as a boxset (that includes a Blu-ray of all the films, and an 80-page book that documents the series).

If you like what you hear, all of the tracks and films from DRIFT Series 1 are on the complete edition, available now…

Appleshine 8:37 £0.99
This Must Be Drum Street 4:26 £0.99
Listen To Their No 5:44 £0.99
Border Country 6:51 £0.99
Mile Bush Pride 1:34 £0.99
Schiphol Test 4:43 £0.99
Brilliant Yes That Would Be 6:04 £0.99
S T A R 3:45 £0.99
Imagine A Box 6:02 £0.99
Custard Speedtalk 9:43 £0.99
DRIFT Series 1 - Book Artwork Bundle only