DRIFT Series 1 - Sampler Edition: CD (2019)


Release date: 5 April, 2024

First Released in 2019.

On November 1st 2018 Underworld unleashed "Another Silent Way", hailing the start of the DRIFT Series and accompanied by a somewhat rash promise to release music every Thursday for a year.

52 weeks later, DRIFT Series 1 collects together Underworld’s inspired, visionary work from the last year. Music and film that spans genres and continents, created in hotel rooms, kitchens, tour buses, cars and studios.

Along the way, they invited techno producers, economics writers, Japanese noise musicians and Australian improv trance acts in to add their unique perspectives to DRIFT. The result is a collection of some of the best music of their careers.

This Sampler Edition includes "S T A R (Rebel Tech)", "Listen to Their No", "Another Silent Way" and "Border Country".

Single CD and booklet in a cardboard gatefold sleeve.

8 CD and BluRay DRIFT Series 1 Complete Edition Box-set also available.... 

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