High Life (Eno Hyde) CD (2014)


Release date: 13 June, 2014

First Released in 2014.

Recorded in five days after the completion of Someday World and released just two months after that record, High Life is a very different - yet no less inviting - prospect, something that’s obvious from the opening track. Return is nine minutes of relentless, modulating guitar groove that grows and twists itself to reveal shimmering new shapes as the track progresses, like a musical kaleidoscope. It pulls you in and mesmerises, an act of hypnosis that keeps you right under the influence until the end.

Simultaneously experimental and warm, High Life documents two men at work, fizzing with ideas and excitement. The album’s name is a nod to the Ghanian musical style that uses traditional African melodic structures but replicates them with Western instrumentation. It’s an idea infuses the whole record, from the shifts that make Return to compelling to the desert hymnal of Time to Waste It and the stuttering guitar attacks and glitchy rhythms of DBF. Elsewhere, Moulded Life echoes Underworld’s own Minneapolis, only seemingly fed backwards through a wind tunnel. 

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